• The CultureHQ product that I saw and discussed with Jimmy and Brian was amazing. It provides a simple yet powerful tool to plan, execute and measure the effectiveness of events and activities – both business and social related. If my clients had had this tool, there is no telling what they could have accomplished.  I can’t wait to see this product develop and companies adopt and utilize this to build the kind of strong organization needed to compete in today’s marketplace.
    — Tom Wilson, Founder and CEO of Wilson Group
  • After walking through the CultureHQ platform, I am convinced that it will fill a great need in the marketplace…Social connections between employees are imperative for workforce happiness and business success.  As more companies turn to digital solutions in the HR space, CultureHQ's unique approach to enhancing workplace community will become an indispensable tool for any company that values office culture.
    — Mary Jane Knudson, Board Member and Former President, Human Resources Leadership Forum